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Business Valuation Services:

Business valuation is impacted by a multitude of factors such as the subject company’s industry, its stage of development and the source of the invested capital. Additionally, the variety of purposes for which business valuations are performed, the influence of local jurisdictional rules and available valuation methods further increase the complexity of business valuation. It is this complexity that has driven ValuHub to assemble a world class team of professionals which is unmatched in its collective industry expertise, breadth of service lines and global presence. At the core of this team is a fundamental understanding of business valuation in general, while each team member contributes deep industry, service or geographic expertise

Machinery and Equipment Valuation Services

Machinery & Equipment Valuation is one of the key services offered by our Company to clients who would like to benefit from our valuation and technical expertise.

ValuHub has been providing multi-asset class valuation services to clients from all sectors. Whether it is construction equipment, industrial & processing plants or other complex machinery or engineering assets, we cover them all. 

Evaluation services


Machinery and equipment evaluation service

  1. Asset-backed financing.
  2. Leasing/release.
  3. Insurance purposes.
  4. Implementation of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
  5. Audit/accounting compliance.
  6. Due diligence/cost investigation.
  7. Acquisitions and mergers.
  8. Customize the purchase price.
  9. disposal / divestment.
  10. Sale and insolvency advice.
  11. Litigation/legal dispute.
  12. Fair value according to international financial reporting standards

Evaluation service for the purposes of acquisition and merger

  1. Due diligence checks
  2. financial models
  3. shareholder agreements
  4. Opinions on surplus capital
  5. Recapitalization transactions (change of capital)
  6. Sale / purchase agreements
  7. Valuation of intangible assets

Evaluation for the purpose of litigation and lawsuits

  1. Objection to shareholders’ actions
  2. Business damages/loss of profits
  3. bankruptcy and restructuring
  4. capital gains

Valuation for financial reporting purposes

  1. Customize the purchase price
  2. Goodwill impairment test
  3. Measuring the fair value of the company’s assets
  4. Decreased value of disposal of fixed assets
  5. Equity-based compensation
  6. Measuring the fair value of the company’s assets
  7. Measurement of opening accounting balances

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